About Us

Youth Without Borders was established in 2005 through the vision of its founder, Byron Shewman.  Prior to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Shewman directed the organization’s efforts in supporting poor children in Tijuana, Mexico.  A few days after the earthquake, Shewman traveled to Port Au Prince to assist a medical team, primarily translating.  Upon returning to San Diego, he decided to direct future activities of Youth Without Borders to helping victims of the earthquake — including the arrangement of Edeline Felizor, and her sister, Isemene, to come to San Diego for medical treatment as Edeline’s neck was broken during the catastrophe. In 2012, her dream of building a school in her community for orphans and poor children was realized through support of friends of Youth Without Borders.
Today’s activities include:
  • construction and operation of an elementary school in Port-au-Prince, Institut Edeline Felizor, currently serving 120 children
  • placement and financial support of several orphans and children injured in the 2010 earthquake
  • donation of a gymnasium tent structure (basketball, volleyball) at the Haitian National Sports Center