Construction Update

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Hello all,

Here are some photos of the construction which is very close to being completed: two new classrooms, a perimeter wall and iron gate, plumbing system for bathrooms. The final project which will begin this week is the landscaping including a mini-soccer field as well as basketball court.

The 40-foot container donated by Enviremedial Services is almost full and should be on its way within a week. The paint for the new perimeter wall and rooms will be on board, thanks to the generosity of Oliver/McMillan. We also have a very good chance of receiving a lot of quality office equipment which is being donated by the Bishops School, through the influence of our friend, Tod Mattox. The container is close to being full of educational and office materials, clothes, vitamins, sports equipment, sound system, a piano and even some

The school staff just completed a training seminar and is anxious to begin the new school year that will start in two weeks. With 120 children, we are asking again for another year of support for operations. The support provides a wholesome meal and morning snack as well as medical/dental care. A great enrichment of the school will be realized with the addition of a new music teacher who will also fill some administrative duties to assist our director, Monde Saintil. The curriculum will be greatly enhanced with the establishment of a music program as well as a sports/exercise component.

Again, the school can exist only through the generosity of friends. Please consider a contribution to help us complete another school year and enrich the lives of children who otherwise would probably not be attending any kind of school this year. Donations can be made through check, made out to:

Youth Without Borders
P.O. Box 6552
Oceanside, CA 92052

Donations can also be made through PayPal which can be found on our website: youthwborders.org

Thanks once more for your help which has made such a meaningful impact on so many children in need of hope.


windows rough

windows finished


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On January 3, Dr. Rich Paat, visited our school with a medical team of 20 volunteer doctors, nurses and health specialists including a dentist. The team examined and treated about 60 of our children and also donated a large supply of vitamins and medication, enough to finish the school year.

One of the trip’s highlights was the arrangement for Rich to bring back a six-year-old, Jamesly, with him to Ohio for surgery for a severe condition of club feet. Jamesly will be the guest of the The Lighthouse (a residence for foreign children supported by ISOH/IMPACT). and Rich has arranged for a surgeon friend to conduct the surgery at his hospital, free of charge. Subsequent therapy is expected to continue for several months.

Rich Paat has provided medical help for the school several times since our beginning in 2012. He is a true hero, heading up about three medical trips a year to foreign countries. We feel very lucky to have our school high on his list.

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Boxes of children’s tylenol syrup have been sent to fight the chikungunya virus that is still spreading in Port Au Prince. We were able to get it at a reasonable price as the supply of medication is unimaginably limited and rising in cost as well. Everyday we are getting news of friends and our children at school who are coming down with it. Besides high fever, it is terribly painful.

As usual, Dr. Rich Paat, came through in a big way. This morning, his doctor friend from Toledo, Dr. Kris Brickman, delivered 5,000 pills plus syrup to Edeline’s sister, Rosemarie, in Cap Haitian. This afternoon their brother, Fedner, will bring it down to our school on the bus. We will distribute the meds also to stricken people in the school’s community and Edeline’s church as the epidemic is sweeping the whole city. Below is the list of Rich’s medication:

Acetaminophen 325 mg : 2500 pills
Ibuprofen 200 mg: 1500 pills
Children’s acetaminophen suspension 180 mg/ tsp :15 bottles
Children’s ibuprofen : 100mg/tsp: 12 bottles.
Children’s chewable Acetaminophen : 80 mg tablets, 1000 tablets

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